Welcome to Tesoro del Sol!

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Welcome to Tesoro del Sol! Now you can shop online directly from this website.  New pieces will be added frequently, and all the jewellery you see here has been designed and created by me. 

In this blog, I wish to cover a spectrum of topics related to jewellery design, fashion, inspirations, muses, materials I love to work with, and frankly whatever else presents itself. Therefore, there is no agenda here really, and I kindly invite you to join in the conversation by leaving a friendly comment after each of my posts.

For the sake of this first post, I just wanted to touch briefly upon my distinct design style, “Exotic Bohemian”.  For as long as I could remember I have always been attracted to warm vibrant colours, layered pieces, free flowing textiles, historic and bold architecture, natural textures, and of course unique jewellery.  Exotic and ethnic designs have always caught my eye and in turn have inspired many of my ideas in both women’s and men’s jewellery pieces.  I’ve managed to incorporate these free spirited bohemian concepts along with an exotic and ethnic feel with the use of semiprecious gemstones such as various forms of Turquoise, Agate, Jasper, and Jade, raw crystals (just to name a few), paired with a selection of antiqued metals, allowing my jewellery to evoke a sexy and alluring look like no other.   


The term ‘bohemian’ refers to an untraditional, anti-establishment lifestyle.  In fashion, dressing bohemian means expressing your own creativity and individuality. This look is earthy, layered and loose, and can be achieved by including natural fabrics like linen and gauzy cotton, and pairing it natural materials like wood, stones and leather. Woven and beaded items are popular too and are used to adorn bags, purses, hats, belts or just about anything else that can be worn, rendering this style to be extremely versatile. Tunics, vests, shawls, flowy peasant skirts and maxi dresses, wide brim hats, clogs, etc., are considered staples that make up the boho chic look. This is a style that has returned to the fashion spotlight time and time again and I always try to put my own spin on it.


I want to express a sincere and warm welcome to all of my valued customers, family, friends, fans and followers to Tesoro del Sol.  To get to know a little more about me, kindly visit my bio page.

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