Gold Stacking Ring

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Sleek and textured with a 14K gold fill, this classic skinny ring is hand forged and polished to a high shine for a delicate and subtle texture. Each ring is approximately 1mm wide, perfect for mix and matching with your other collection of skinny bands. Price shown is for one ring - for more than one, please select your desired quantity.


  •  1 gold ring
  •  14K gold fill
  •  Shiny finish
  •  Hammered texture
  •  Stackable with other ring bands
  •  Also available in sterling silver
  •  Made to order in your size
  •  Complimentary gift wrapping 


  •  Each measures approx. 1mm
  •  Choose a size from the options available 


If you are planning on stacking multiple rings on one finger, it is recommended that you provide me with 1/4 size larger than your normal ring size because a ring stack takes up more room on the finger as opposed to wearing one ring on its own. Therefore if we don't upsize, the stack may fit too tight.

The solder join is slightly visible due to the solder color being a lighter shade of gold than the ring itself. This is not to be seen as a defect or flaw. It's just part of the handmade process.