Set of 5 Rustic Copper Stacking Rings - Tesoro del Sol - TesoroDelSol

  Set of 5 Rustic Copper Stacking Rings

$45.00 USD

This awesome set of 5 rustic copper stacking rings are created entirely from pure copper.  Each ring is given a unique finish: Hammered, textured, oxidized, shiny and round. Each ring is approximately 2mm wide, therefore 5 worn together measure about 10mm wide. Sleek yet slightly rustic bohemian, these trendy copper stacking skinny rings will be made to order for you as a set of 5 separate bands. 

*Please note - A natural characteristic of copper is that it will oxidize (tarnish) over time. This oxidation may discolour certain people's skin depending on your body's pH, however not all people experience this reaction. I do coat the rings in a protective sealant to stop this oxidation process from occurring, leaving your rings the same as the way you receive them. If you would rather not have your rings coated, please let me know by selecting the appropriate choice in the drop down. 

These rings are soldered with sterling silver solder which may be noticeable, and shouldn't be looked as a flaw, but rather a part of their rustic handmade beauty. 

Kindly note when stacking multiple rings such as these, you must provide me with up to a 1/4 size larger than your normal ring size because the stack takes up more room on the finger. If you don't upsize it will fit too tight.