Bio - TesoroDelSol

Sandy Gagliano is a Toronto based jewellery designer and founder of Tesoro del Sol Jewellery Designs, whose passion lies in designing and handcrafting exotic bohemian jewellery. She enjoys working with an array of semiprecious stones, raw crystals and has recently discovered a new fascination with metalworking.  Sandy’s inspirations seem to stem from the most unlikely sources, however, many derive from her love of warm intense colours, and distinct natural textures. Extensive travels have also inspired her designs and enabled them to reach an exotic and bold level.  

Her interest in jewellery was piqued when she came across a small antique treasure chest filled with vintage beaded necklaces which she felt needed to be “rescued”. With little to no tools at hand, she began to reinvent some of the pieces by taking each one apart, then mixing and matching the loose beads to create new pieces. Before long, she felt compelled to begin wearing her new upcycled designs and much to her surprise, began to turn heads as people started to take notice of her new found talent.

Sandy attributes much of her innate creativity to her mother, who is also an artist in her own rite. For as long as she could remember, her mother would crochet intricate items using brightly coloured yarn, from large bedspreads  and afghans, to small baby blankets, as well as scarves, hats and mittens. Although her craft remained a life long hobby, she undeniably passed the skill of attention to detail and ability to work with delicate materials and vibrant colours onto her daughter.

Sandy looks forward to reaching new frontiers with her designs, and hopes to impart an everlasting impression on those who embrace them. 


From my heart, to my hands, to you.